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Schiphol Airport Business transfer

Comfortable and flexible

Schiphol Business Taxi is the comfortable, luxurious transport that is ideal for starting and ending your (business) trip. With Schiphol Business Taxi you ensure yourself that you travel by taxi in business class style, at any time from your (company) location* directly to the departure hall at Schiphol and various regional airports.

The drivers of Schiphol Business Taxi are experienced professionals who are trained to provide you with first class service. They welcome you and are very helpful. The nice thing about this business transport is that you can even make a reservation half an hour before you leave. This can only be done by telephone.

Even more comfort

To make your journey completely comfortable, Schiphol Business Taxi offers you attractive additional services. For example, you can use a ‘check in assistance’ that accompanies you when you check in upon departure. This way you travel quickly and efficiently. The current prices for this can be found on request.

VIP center Schiphol

The VIP center Schiphol is the most exclusive location and mode of travel at Schiphol and is accessible to a select group of guests under certain conditions.
A VIP service suits your profession or position. Especially when you travel. The VIP service Schiphol gives you exclusive access to the VIP center Schiphol. This offers exclusivity and privacy to heads of state, government officials, CEOs and perhaps you too.

Your VIP service Schiphol concise:

  • Welcoming and personal reception in the VIP center Schiphol
  • Stay in one of the luxurious VIP lounges
  • Lounge bar
  • Check-in, baggage handling and passport formalities
  • Luxury transportation to and from your plane.